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Red-belly black snake found at Maroubra beach, Sydney

Locals were shocked to discover one of Australia’s most venomous snakes making its way along a widely-used beach path in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs recently.

Spotted by a local and posted to the Maroubra Community Facebook page, beachgoers were warned to keep their eyes peeled on the walkway at Maroubra Beach, where the red-bellied black snake was photographed.

Locals were stunned by the find, and also urged dog-walkers to take care.

“She’s a biggy,” one person wrote.

“Yeah, not walking past there again,” a third local wrote.

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The sighting prompted South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club to remind residents that they need to be careful of local wildlife.

“Just another reminder after one of our ‘red belly black snake’ neighbours was spotted very recently roaming around the coastal walkway just to the north of the club!” the South Maroubra Surf Club posted on Friday.
“Advice is stay out of bushes and vegetation in dune areas and watch your step on pathways!”

The medium-sized species has distinguishing black scales on its body and red scales underneath.

It is known to be a shy snake that only strikes when under extreme pressure or interference.

The venom from a red-bellied black snake bite can cause tissue damage and nausea but deaths are rare.

Even so, never approach the animals and always proceed with caution.

This time last year, snake catcher Tony Harrison told 9 News that Sydney’s cool, wet conditions are a dream for snakes.

“When you get a bit of rain, you can expect to see a red-bellied snake as they are frog-eaters,” he said. “It’s their favourite food.”

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In the case of a bite, Mr Harrison advised to treat it as worst case scenario.

“Don’t drive yourself, call an ambulance straight away and give yourself first aid,” he said.

“If you do see a snake do not try and catch it yourself — that’s how people get themselves bitten.

“Snakes can get anywhere. You imagine a spot — I can guarantee I’ve found them there; cars, bikes, shoes … if they feel threatened, they will hide somewhere dark.”

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NSW beaches Clovelly, Coogee, and Maroubra to reopen

Some of Sydney’s most popular beaches will open from Friday for groups of up to 10 people as NSW continues to ease COVID-19 restrictions.

Randwick City Council will reopen all of its beaches which include Clovelly, Coogee, and Maroubra, as well as some ocean pools.

But Mayor Danny Said said beachgoers shouldn’t become complacent.

“The relaxation of some restrictions means we’re taking small, cautious steps towards life as we used to know it, but is not an indication that we should become complacent,” Mr Said said in a statement on Wednesday.

It follows the council’s move in April to reopen its beaches for exercising on the sand and in the water only.

Playgrounds, outdoor gyms, basketball courts and skate parks will also open for recreational activity, as long as social distancing is observed.

“If at any point an area looks busy or full, we ask that people use common sense and use the facility at another time,” Mr Said said.

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All ocean pools will progressively reopen bar two – Wylies Baths and McIver’s Ladies Baths – due to upgrading work and staffing limitations.

AAP understands Waverley Council will reopen Bondi, Bronte and Tamarama on Friday for groups of no more than 10 people.

Bondi Beach was closed on March 21 after thousands of sunbathers crowded on the sand, sparking condemnation around the world.

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Helicopter flying to Maroubra Beach, three people ‘in trouble’

A rescue helicopter has been dispatched to Maroubra Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“Sydney’s Lifesaver 21 is responding to a report of three people in trouble at Maroubra,” Westpac Life Save Rescue Helicopters said on Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

As at 1.30pm, NSW Ambulance had not received any calls for assistance.

According to a Saturday morning lifeguard report, there were “minimal” rips at the beach and cloudy conditions were forecast with a moderate swell, one-metre waves and slight winds.

In summary it was considered a “beautiful day”.

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