Dairy farmers back Tanarra bid for Lion dairy business

He said no competition issues would arise from a successful Tanarra bid, especially in regard to milk prices paid to farmers. But he said the co-operative had ongoing concerns about the prospect of further consolidation in the Australian dairy industry, which is something that would occur if an existing dairy player such as Bega or Saputo won the battle for the Lion dairy business.

The Lion business includes long established, big-selling brands such as Dairy Farmers, Big M, Pura, Daily Juice and Berri. Lion is owned by the giant Japanese brewer and food company Kirin.

The Dairy Farmers Milk Co-operative is a farmer-owned and farmer operated co-operative that supplies milk to Lion, with Mr Kebbell describing the co-operative as a “key partner” of Lion dairy and drinks.

The co-operative has over 300 members from more than 250 dairy farms in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Each year it supplies more than 230 million litres of milk to Lion.

The Australian Financial Review reported on Friday that Saputo had been knocked out of the race for the Lion business, and that Bega was ahead in the auction race.


In August Bega chairman Barry Irvin told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that Bega could be interested in buying the Lion division.

“Of course we’re interested in dairy consolidation and we’re interested in good dairy companies,” he said.

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Perth surfer’s incredible clash with a sea lion at North Beach

A sea lion has given a surfer a helping hand in these hilarious pictures.

Photographer Nick Thake, from Perth, snapped the moment the cheeky mammal pushed the surfer with its flipper as he attempted to ride the wave.

Nick, 37, visited North Beach in Perth last week hoping to get an image of the surf when he accidentally captured the moment the mischievous sea lion breached the water.

The photographer, who also works as a marine scientist, could not believe his luck when he looked back at his images.

“That day I went down to the beach to get out of the house, and as always I had a camera in hand knowing I might capture a surf shot with the swell forecasted,” he said.

The image set shows the surfers catching waves, and on one set they had the unexpected visitor.

“Due to the angle of the shot, I have a feeling the surfers were oblivious to the sea lion even when it was mid air,” he said.

“The best thing about these sea lion images is that I didn’t know I had them until I was reviewing them at home and nearly fell off my chair when editing.

“An encounter with a sea lion is often an amazing experience, especially when diving. Sea lions are curious creatures and will not hesitate coming in for a closer look.

“On the other hand, a breach from the water like this has the potential to reflect a defensive swimming manoeuvre to avoid larger predators being sharks.

“But after checking the shark alerts for that area and time, there were no sightings that day so we can put this down to playful nature.”

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