Scott Morrison upgrades social distancing restrictions, COVID-19 infection rate in Australia drops

The WA government confirmed on Sunday that 29 of the 39 people tested on board the Artania liner in Fremantle have COVID-19.

Premier Mark McGowan had negotiated the plan with the federal government to reduce the impact on the state’s public health system.

“These passengers and crew are the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government,” a statement from the state government said on Sunday.

But doctors and nurses have slammed the arrangement, saying coronavirus patients should be kept in public hospitals.

The Australian Nursing Federation said nurses felt they lacked the training, equipment or confidence to treat the patients.

“The ANF will back nurses completely with the full force of all existing occupational safety and health laws if they are confronted with an unsafe working environment,” ANF WA state secretary Mark Olsen said in a statement.

“We don’t care what deals the state or federal governments make, we will not allow nurses, doctors or their patients to be put in harm’s way.”


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