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UK overtakes Italy with Europe’s highest death toll

There have been 3042 cases recorded in the state since the start of the outbreak.

“If you have even the mildest symptoms, if you work with vulnerable people, if you work anywhere and you’re concerned, please come forward and get tested,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“Please know as we lift restrictions during the month of May, as there’s more activity – whether it’s at school, whether it’s dropping children off, whether it’s more retail, people visiting each other in their homes – we know that level of activity means there is likely to be more cases. That’s why we really, really need everyone who has even the mildest symptoms, even the mildest symptoms, to come forward [and be tested].”

Ms Berejiklian said some people may think they have a common cold or flu as we head into winter, but that everyone still needed to be tested for COVID-19.

Dr Chant said the state’s new goal was to conduct 10,000 tests a day.

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