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Trio jailed over bashing, fatal car attack

Salah Abukar and Dawuud Abdi then set upon Sean Duncanson, who was savagely bashed.

“Each of you engaged in an extravagant show of violence,” Justice Andrew Tinney told Abukar and Abdi in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Thursday.

The attack on Sean Duncanson had nothing to do with self-defence, he said.

“It had everything to do with anger and retribution.”

Both men were found guilty of affray and intentionally causing serious injury to the 44-year-old.

Sean Duncanson spent more than a month in hospital because of injuries including skull fractures, bleeding and brain swelling from the assault.

The judge said the men didn’t get out of the car because they were scared, but to retaliate.

“It was exceedingly violent and dangerous,” Justice Tinney said of the attack.

While Sean Duncanson would eventually recover from most of his life-threatening injuries, his brother died shortly after the crash.

Paul Duncanson managed to get himself into a nearby driveway, despite being covered in blood and struggling to breathe.

“This was no mere accident, this was serious criminal offending,” Justice Tinney said.

An autopsy showed he died as a result of internal blood loss and suffered injuries including a lacerated liver.

Sharif was originally charged with murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter over Mr Duncanson’s death part-way through the trial.

However, Justice Tinney accepted there was no intent to cause injury or death and it was not premeditated.

Sharif drove his car in a “grossly negligent fashion”, he said.

The 28-year-old was jailed for five years and six months, but will be eligible for parole after he serves three years and six months.

Abukar, 26, and Abdi, 23, were both jailed for six years and nine months and will be eligible for parole after four years and six months.


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