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Scott Morrison expected to revise COVID-19 restrictions after national cabinet meeting

The highest transmission rate is in aged care homes which have borne the brunt of the UK’s outbreak and raised the overall infection rate.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will unveil the UK’s roadmap for leaving the lockdown on Sunday night, with alterations possibly kicking in as soon as Monday.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told the government daily briefing that any changes next week would be “incremental, relatively modest” and “closely monitored” as the UK had not beaten the virus.

But Raab confirmed that the more significant changes could occur differently across the UK, which is made up of Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland; they each have their own governments and – like the states in Australia – govern health and education services.

The Scottish and Welsh governments have clashed with Westminister over some of the lockdown restrictions and when they should be eased including when children should return to school.

Scotland is governed by the centre-left Scottish National Party, vehement opponents of Johnson’s Conservatives. Similarly, the Labour party leads a minority government in Wales.

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