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Nicola Gobbo begins to give evidence at royal commission

Mr Winneke is focusing on what she told the board of examiners when she was trying to be admitted to practice law in 1997 about the drug raid and her subsequent plea of guilty to possess and use amphetamine in 1993.

“Do you accept that your knowledge of a large amount of amphetamine which had been secreted in your house wasn’t sworn to in your affidavit to the board of examiners?” Mr Winneke asks.

Ms Gobbo says she can’t remember who drafted her affidavit nor what was in there.

“Do you agree you misled the board of examiners about that?” Mr Winneke said.

“I haven’t read the affidavit since whenever it was sworn, but if that’s what’s in there, that’s what’s in there,” she said.

“I think it’s self-evident the fact that I pleaded to a possess and use amphetamines … it would have and should have reflected that fact.”

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