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France records more than 3000 deaths, enforcement of Victoria’s stage 3 restrictions begins

But workers who have been stood down and already submitted applications to access the government’s JobSeeker welfare payment should not withdraw their application even if they are also eligible for the new $1500 JobKeeper payment.

More than 65,000 businesses, which are only eligible if they have lost at least 30 per cent of their turnover, have already registered their intent to apply for the payment on behalf of their employees less than a day after it was announced.

The JobSeeker payment, which incorporates the old Newstart allowance, is $1100 a fortnight with a coronavirus supplement and is paid to those stood down or unemployed.

The government’s new JobKeeper payment is $1500 a fortnight but only those who are employed, whether stood down or not, are eligible.

Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar said on the ABC’s Q+A he “wouldn’t encourage anyone to withdraw” their application for JobSeeker even if they are now eligible for JobKeeper.

“I wouldn’t encourage anyone to withdraw their application,” Mr Sukkar said, though workers cannot receive both payments.

“The ATO, Services Australia, where there are applications for both [JobSeeker and JobKeeper] will obviously work out administrative arrangements to ensure those individuals get the JobKeeper payment,” he said.

Where someone works for multiple employers, Mr Sukkar said they would have to nominate one as their primary employer. That business would receive the $1500 fortnightly to pass on to the workers.

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