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COVID-19 cases worldwide pass 3.3 million

Around 12 per cent of New Yorkers given antibody tests have tested positive, a sign they have likely already had coronavirus.

The survey of 15,000 people showed 12.3 per cent of New Yorkers tested positive. The rate is a slight decline from the 13.9 per cent who tested positive when the sample was just around 3,000 people. In New York City, around 20 per cent tested positive.

The results were released by New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo who announced 7 million masks will be distributed to nursing homes, people living in public housing as well as lower-income communities in New York City.

“There’s about 9 million people in New York City total, so 7 million masks will obviously make a big difference,” he said.

New York is in lockdown until at least mid-May and everyone must wear face coverings. New York has been the worst-hit US state from the pandemic; a further 299 people died across the state on May 1 – a slight increase on the 289 registered the day before.

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