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22 new cases in Victoria, 19 linked to Cedar Meats cluster; Jacinda Ardern to join Scott Morrison, national cabinet over NZ travel proposals

Snorkel masks could be fitted to the faces of COVID-19 patients in one of almost 40 trials launched by Australian scientists since the start of the pandemic.

This is Dr Simon Joosten, a respiratory specialist at Monash Health, who is running a snorkel trial inspired by Italian doctors who turned full-face snorkels into crude oxygen masks during the peak of the country’s coronavirus crisis.

Dr Simon Joosten with the adapted snorkel mask.

Dr Simon Joosten with the adapted snorkel mask.Credit:Penny Stephens

The full-face masks, bought from camping stores and modified by a team of Melbourne engineers from Monash University, will hopefully contain the virus when patients are moved through hospitals’ busy wards.

Australian studies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic include tests on high-dose zinc, cord blood, probiotics, nasal antibiotics and bacterial extracts.

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