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Less South Australians are appearing in emergency departments and visiting general practitioners during the COVID-19 crisis and are urged to seek medical advice if needed. SA Health deputy chief public health officer Michael Cusack says “worrying” data from SA Pathology shows fewer tests for routine check-ups, like those with diabetes, were conducted. “As we approach winter, we need people to keep in contact with their doctors and ensure they have their chronic diseases and any issues they have checked,” he said. The data also suggests less people with symptoms or with a proven heart attack presented in emergency departments, Dr Cusack says. “We can’t say for sure if it’s because they’re having less heart attacks or if they’re staying home with heart attack symptoms. “If people do have these symptoms… they need to call for help immediately.” Complacency is once again stressed with the state recording zero confirmed coronavirus cases for the tenth consecutive day on Saturday. SA Health launched its ‘Let’s Not Undo All The Good’ campaign as a reminder to continue abiding by restrictions. The recovery rate is at 98 per cent and only seven active cases remain, with three of them in hospital. To date, almost 60,000 tests have been conducted by SA Pathology since February. Australian Associated Press

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