COVID-19 cases surpass 3.4 million worldwide, Australia death toll at 95

The UK’s death toll from coronavirus has increased by 315 to 28,446.

The lower figure is consistent with what medical experts say is a weekend dip experienced between Saturday and the first two days of the week, due to a lag in reporting.

However, the government has declared the country is past the peak of its coronavirus outbreak which is on track to be the worst in Europe, according to the death toll.

The figures were announced by cabinet minister Michael Gove at the daily coronavirus briefing at Number 10, Downing Street. Gove said that the government was exploring setting a staggering of work shifts to reduce the number of people using public transport at any one time.

Medical experts are hopeful that despite a huge surge in the number of tests being carried out, the number of new cases has not dramatically increased. This means the country’s rate of infection is declining – the key measure that will be used to determine when the country can begin to exit its lockdown, first imposed on March 23.

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