COVID-19 cases surpass 3.2 million worldwide, NSW social distancing rules partially wound back, Australia death toll at 93

Earlier this morning, we asked for your stories about how you would be spending this weekend in NSW. We said we would be publishing them at lunchtime, but we have received so many so far that we’ve decided to start now.

For Matt, the relaxation of the rules come on the first Friday of Ramadan, his family will be able to invite their grandparents over to celebrate a socially distanced Iftar dinner this evening.

“Our kids can see their grandparents for the first time in six weeks (albeit without the cuddles!) and both sides of the family are looking forward to that,” he says.

Meanwhile, Mel says she is looking forward to being reunited with her parents for a stroll on the beach this weekend.

“It’s been 10 weeks since we last saw each other face to face and I cannot wait to see them,” she says.

“I feel emotional just thinking about it. We’ll just hang out, maybe take a stroll to the beach. It will be so good to be able to do things we’ve always taken for granted.”

Many of you, however, have been telling us you will be continuing to self-isolate, due to working in healthcare or being demographically more susceptible to COVID-19.

“We’ll be sticking to our rules of the last six weeks which includes at least two walks a day, watching our grandkids as we walk, playing in a park at a distance,” one reader said. “Still dreaming of the hugs waiting for us once school has resumed, and a few more weeks pass without incident after that.”

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