COVID-19 cases surpass 3.1 million worldwide, Scott Morrison urges further COVIDSafe downloads, Australia death toll at 90

“Overnight I saw comments from the Chinese foreign ministry talking about coercive activity with respect to Australia, who had the temerity to ask for an investigation,” Pompeo said.

“Who in the world wouldn’t want an investigation of how this happened to the world?” he said.

Speaking earlier to Fox News, Pompeo said he was “heartened” to see Australia’s advocacy.

“I’ve been heartened to see Australia, other countries joining this, demanding an investigation because while we know this started in Wuhan, China, we don’t yet know from where it started.”

Pompeo confirmed that concerns had been raised by US diplomats in the past about safety procedures at the lab.

“I can tell you there are – were real concerns about the labs inside of China, and I have to say I’m still concerned that the Chinese Communist Party is not telling us about all of what’s taking place in all of the labs, in fact each of the labs, all across China today.”

The head of the lab said the virus did not come from their institution.

China’s ambassador to Australia suggested a trade boycott and later revealed the contents of a private discussion with DFAT Secretary Frances Adamson.

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