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World reacts to Scott Morrison’s bold plan

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed the three-step plan to end coronavirus restrictions and create a “COVID-safe society and economy” by July.

The framework was agreed to by state and territory leaders at today’s national cabinet meeting, but each will get the final say on how quickly they move through the stages based on the status of the disease.

“We know we need to be careful to preserve our gains, (but) if we wish to reclaim the ground we lost, we cannot be too timid,” Mr Morrison told reporters.

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Around the world, news networks covered the announcement. CNN wrote that “local transmission has been curbed” and the “outbreak (is) now considered broadly under control”.

Newspapers around the world also reacted to Australia’s bold three-point plan to reopen.

“The country has now tested over 730,000 people for the virus, with 6,900 confirmed cases and 97 deaths,” read a story in today’s edition of The New York Times.

“The slow reopening was met with cautious support by many Australians.”

And Bloomberg reported that Australia’s “success in flattening the curve of new coronavirus infections allows it to relax lockdown restrictions”.

In the UK, The Independent wrote that: “While the country has been hailed for successfully containing the disease and preventing local hospitals being swamped by coronavirus patients, the lockdown measures have still taken a devastating toll on the economy.”

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