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What happened to the school tuckshop delicacy?

It was a top tier delicacy at any Australian school tuck shop growing up, but what the hell happened to the pineapple doughnut?

Chances are you have fond memories of heading to the canteen with mum and dad’s spare change to buy one of these bad boys.

Less showy than its siblings with hundreds and thousands, pineapple doughnuts were for those with a refined palate, you would tell yourself as you tucked into it after first devouring a pizza rounda and chocolate milk.

And let’s face it, the cost to size ratio made it taste all the more sweeter – this wasn’t a dainty Nutella-filled cafe creation that could be finished in two bites – the pineapple doughnut required two hands to eat.

“Before the American chains took over we had the good old Aussie pineapple syrup doughnut,” one person wrote in the Old Shops Australia Facebook group.

“Haven’t had one for years … Anyone know if these are still around?”

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The question sparked a flurry of comments from other people who remembered the “beautiful” delicacy – and how doughnuts these days didn’t hold a candle to them.

“For some time (it could have been weeks, it might have been months) my standard breakfast was a chocolate milk and a pineapple doughnut from a milk bar somewhere between South Yarra Station and St Kilda Road,” one person reminisced.

“The walk was great, the breakfast was bliss.”

“We used to have them in the primary school tuck shop,” another added. “I haven’t seen one since but apparently they’re around.”

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While people explained that you could catch them occasionally in some bakeries or the cake section of Woolworths, the consensus was that they were “not quite the same”.

“Can find them in Caltex Star Stations but you have to be quick,” one person wrote.

“They are definitely not the same,” another person commented. “I am 62yrs old and would buy pineapple doughnuts from our school canteen when l was 23 – 15yrs old.

“So soft and full of flavour. The ones you but today have no flavour and are quiet firm.”

One commenter offered up a pretty convincing theory on why if you could find a pineapple doughnut today, it wouldn’t taste the same – and no, it’s not just because your remembering the ones of your youth more fondly.

“The ones you can find these days are dipped rather than like the old days where they were soaked,” they wrote. “Miss those old ones.”

Meanwhile one person revealed they had spent the last four decades trying to source a pineapple doughnut that lived up to their childhood.

” Have spent nearly 40 years trying to find a pineapple doughnut that was nearly as good as the ones in high school,” they mournfully wrote.

“The disappointment runs deep.”

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