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Venomous snake found lurking in power cords in Queensland

A venomous red-bellied black snake has proven the power of camouflage, after it hid among a pile of electrical cords in a garage in Queensland.

Snake catcher Tony Harrison was asked to remove the snake from a home in Eden’s Landing, a suburb of Logan, south of Brisbane on Friday.

He initially thought the search would be “like a needle in a haystack,” but luckily the snake was easier to find than expected.

“When I saw the red and black leads, I thought ‘well this could be interesting’, but it took me all of two minutes to find it,” he told

The red-bellied black snake in question was a juvenile, but no less venomous than a larger snake of the same species.

“This one was very small, very young – but from the day they are born, to the day they die their venom is the same strength,” Mr Harrison said.

The Australian Museum lists the red-bellied black snake as a shy snake that only bites under severe interference.

While venomous, there are no recorded deaths attributed to the species in Australia.

Symptoms of one of their bites can include; nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, sweating, local or general muscle pain and weakness, and red-brown urine.

Mr Harrison said that every snake bite should be taken seriously – and medical treatment should always be sought.

“If you’re bitten, always think worst case scenario – even if you’re sure it’s a python. Don’t drive yourself, call an ambulance straight away and give yourself first aid.

“If you do see a snake do not try and catch it yourself – that’s how people get themselves bitten.”

While the image may seem bizarre to some, Mr Harrison said that finding a snake in a jumble of cords is very standard in his line of work.

“Snakes can get anywhere. You imagine a spot – I can guarantee I’ve found them there; cars, bikes, shoes… if they feel threatened, they will hide somewhere dark.

“When you get a bit of rain, you can expect to see a red-bellied snake as they are frog-eaters. It’s their favourite food.”

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