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Vegan protester storms through Coles and Woolworths on Christmas Eve

A vegan activist has interrupted people going about their Christmas Eve shopping by storming Western Australian supermarkets.

Yesterday Tash Peterson had a friend film her walking through Coles and Woolworths dressed in red stained clothes and holding a fake dead chicken under her arm.

She blasted noises from animals reportedly recorded inside slaughter houses and held a sign that read: “Coles/Woolworths Tell them the truth”.

On the back of her shirt the 25-year-old had written “Your ‘food’ fought for their life, that should leave a bad taste in your mouth”.

Numerous videos of the protest were posted to her Facebook page yesterday, showing her walking into the stores and standing in front of the meat sections while people tried to go about their shopping.

In the videos people can be seen squeezing around Ms Peterson to get to the meat section, all while cow and pig noises play out of a speaker.

At one point the activist took off the mask that was covering her mouth and started to yell at shoppers about where their Christmas meal “really comes from”.

“Do you know where your Christmas ham really comes from? They were six months old when they were put into a carbon dioxide gas chamber where they suffocated to death. They thrashed so hard that their feet came off,” she said.

“Christmas is supposed to be a time about peace but we are putting violence on our plates. We all consider ourselves to be animal lovers yet we are paying people to slit their throats.

“Your free range ham was put into a factory farm for their entire lives. They did not feel the grass or see the sunlight until they were on a truck to the slaughterhouse.”

Multiple employees at the stores were filmed asking Ms Peterson and her friend to move on, with some becoming visibly irritated when they didn’t immediately leave.

At one point a Coles employee approaches the 25-year-old and appears to speak to her before snatching the sign out of her hands and leading the two women out of the store.

In one Woolworths store, an employee approached the woman filming and appeared to move her phone out of the way.

“Are you kidding? This man just hit my phone down. That is actually classified as assault so I will be happy to let the police know,” Ms Peterson’s friend could be heard saying.

The employee then told the women to “get out”.

“We are not leaving now. So we were just threatened by an employee who physically assaulted us and touched our phone,” the woman said behind the camera.

In another video a shopper appeared to ask the women to stop playing the animal noises, to which the woman filming replied: “Well sorry that the screams distract you. Maybe you should think about what you are eating.”

Multiple social media users left comments in Ms Peterson’s video’s praising her for taking a stand.

“Thankyou for letting their voices be heard,” one person wrote.

“The only time shoppers would ever hear their screams,” another said.

However not everyone agreed with Ms Peterson’s actions, with one person calling the protest “laughable”.

“You’re just ruining someone’s day,” another said.

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