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The secret to Maleny Dairies’ success

For family owned and operated Maleny Dairies, a passion for supporting the local community has only been reinforced since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Founded by the Hopper family who have been farming in the Maleny Hinterland north of Brisbane for generations, Maleny Dairies was established following the deregulation of the milk industry in 2000.

With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving many businesses in dire straits, Mr Falcongreen said it was initiatives like Buy Australian that has encouraged consumers to become more aware of the benefits of supporting their local farmers.

“It has been a strong message that consumers have responded to regarding the importance of what Maleny Dairies has to offer Queenslanders,” Maleny Dairies general manager Peter Falcongreen.


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Heavily invested in supporting local families, the company’s McCarthy Rd factory directly employs 50 staff members from the community and an additional 30 staff members who are employed in sales and distribution.

“The reciprocal benefit is that the Maleny Dairies indirectly supports 12 farming families and their staff, which is estimated at around 50 people,” Mr Falcongreen said.

“Care for the land, cows and farmers is at the heart of our business and we’re proud to support, purchase and process milk from other local dairy farmers, as well as our own.”

Regarded as one of the most productive rural communities in Queensland, Maleny’s population has relied on local farmers for centuries, with Maleny Dairies not shying away from the fact their success comes down to quality of the products and relationships they have built since their inception.

“The investment and support from our consumers, enables us to continue doing what we do best, (producing) award-winning products,” Mr Falcongreen said.

“By buying local you support your local economy and there is also the added guarantee that the produce is delivered fresh,” Mr Falcongreen said.

“Local rural communities play a fundamental role in strengthening our economy.”

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