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Teenager ‘choked unconscious’ by security guards at Melbourne pub

Sickening footage has revealed the moment a teenage pubgoer was choked unconscious by bouncers in front of horrified patrons.

The incident occurred on November 14 at the Dorset Gardens Hotel in Croydon in Melbourne’s east, and the video was shared on social media this week before being picked up by news outlets.

In the clip, a young male can be seen being grabbed and dragged by security guards and placed into a chokehold before he loses consciousness and his body drops to the ground face-first.

A bouncer then grabs the young man by his red shirt and drags him out the door.

According to Seven News, the 18-year-old had been told to leave the venue earlier in the day due to unruly behaviour, before jumping a fence to sneak back inside and rejoin his friends.

Witness Alex Hayhow claimed security guards tried to escort the “rowdy” patron out again before he ran off, jumped behind the bar and poured himself a schooner of beer before being intercepted by security.

Witness Lousie Bambery told the network she was “just in shock” after watching the treatment of the man, while the unnamed victim claimed the bouncer showed “no duty of care” and that the fall “had the potential to kill me”.

Victoria Police told in a statement that police were investigating “following a reported assault at a licenced premises in Croydon on 14 November”.

“Investigators have been told a male was ejected from the Dorset Road premises before returning a short time later,” the statement reads.

“An altercation occurred between the man and security before he was ejected a second time.

“The investigation remains ongoing.”

Dorset Gardens venue manager Anthony Poloso told the Herald Sun the guard had received a written warning.

“We don’t condone that sort of behaviour from the guards,” Mr Poloso told the publication.

“In the context of the situation we were extremely patient with that patron. He chose to jump the beer garden fence and he ran behind the bar.”

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