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Rain, storms and plunging temperatures forecast

A double whammy of powerful fronts is set to hit south eastern Australia in the coming days bring damaging winds and storms.

Temperatures will plummet with Melbourne struggling to reach the mid-teens and snow falling on higher ground with cold, wintry air then “surging” into New South Wales.

“It all about the rain event that’s on the cards,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe said today.

The system is currently sitting over Central Australia and western parts of Queensland and NSW delivering large thunderstorms to those parts. It will then slowly drift south eastwards towards northern Victoria later today bringing showers and storms with it.

On Thursday, that will lead to rain and unsettled weather in many parts of Victoria, Tasmania and NSW.

“That system will then move off to the east and then we’ll be looking at the next system moving in straight in behind, the second of the rain events,” Mr Sharpe said.

That one will bring potential downpours to drought-stricken parts of the south east, in particular possibly heavy storms to Victoria on Friday, and to Sydney and NSW’s coastal strip

By the weekend the mercury will have dropped significantly over Tasmania and Victoria with the “very cold air then starting to surge” into NSW, said Mr Sharpe.

So how does that look on the ground around our major cities?

For Sydney the see saw of sunshine and showers will continue today with highs of 25C. However, tomorrow it could get more hectic with possible storms and the same on Friday. That could bring short but sharp bursts of ferocious rain with around 10mm falling on both days.

A sunny 29C on Saturday but the rain will return early next week when the maximums will struggle to reach over 20C.

Even heavier rain in Canberra on Thursday and Friday with between 35 and 75mm falling across both days in total as the storms roll through.

Highs in the capital of barely 20C and minimums in the low teens. More settled on the weekend with some rain and a high of just 14C on Sunday and 4C overnight on Monday.

Showers will be an ongoing theme in Melbourne with the heaviest between Thursday and Saturday. A high of 25C on Friday will drop to just 16C on Sunday, around 5C colder than average for April. Chilly nights of around 10C are to be expected with snow in alpine regions.

Colder still on Tasmania with snow on the highlands. Up to 25mm of rain is forecast for Thursday, cloudy on Friday a then more rain on the weekend. A high of 21C on Friday and then just 15C on Sunday with overnight lows in the high single digits.

A wet weekend in South Australia too with Adelaide likely to see moisture of up to 10mm on both Friday and Saturday. A high of 25C on Friday will drop to 17C the following day.

Mostly sunny and mild in Perth with maximums of between 25C and perhaps nudging 30C.

Stormy in Darwin with highs of 33C, lows of 25C with rain when the thunder rolls through in the afternoons.

Much more settled in Brisbane where the mercury should get to around 30C for the next few days and into the weekend with partly cloudy skies. There could be some spots of rain on Sunday.

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