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Queensland rapist Nicholas Crilley sentenced to life in jail after horror 23-day attack

A Queensland man who drugged, raped, assaulted and burned a woman during a three weeks of drug-induced violence has been sentenced to life in jail.

Nicholas John Crilley, 34, was convicted in the Brisbane District Court of 54 offences after a 23-day assault on the woman in June 2017.

These included supplying a dangerous drug, rape, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm, serious assault, deprivation of liberty and torture.

His vicious attacks left the woman, who was 22 at the time, so severely injured, paramedics initially thought she was dead when they found her, until she groaned in agony.

Prosecutor Sandra Cupina said Crilley had taken pleasure in subjecting the woman to physical and psychological violence.

“The horror (she) would have been experiencing is almost unimaginable,” Ms Cupina said during Crilley’s sentencing hearing last week.

The court heard Crilley had told his victim to choose how to die – being shot, bled to death or a car crash.

He burned her with cigarettes, acetone and boiling water and made her eat her own vomit. Crilley told a friend: “I’ve pummelled her so hard … she can’t talk anymore,” reported the Courier Mail.

Judge Anthony Rafter SC said Crilley’s brutal acts had taken the woman to the “edge of death”.

“For a period of 23 days you engaged in systematic acts of degradation and torture … you took pleasure in the infliction of pain,” he said.

“The victim’s life will never be the same. Yet, despite the terrible ordeal she has suffered she displays courage, dignity and resilience.”

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffered burns to 46 per cent of her body, broken bones and deep lacerations. She was held in an inner city hotel and attached to a bed.

Some of her wounds were severely infected and infested with maggots. Paramedics found the woman “on the brink of death” in a semiconscious state.

The court was told Crilley “grinned and laughed” as the assaults took place. He was taking drugs during the attacks.

She was placed in an induced coma and spent eight weeks in hospital recovering, which included learning to walk again.

“I have been disfigured both mentally and physically. It is something I would not wish on my worst enemies,” she said, reading her victim impact statement to the court at the same hearing.

Crilley was taken into custody following a dramatic police chase involving several stolen cars.

It ended a month-long methylamphetamine-induced delusional state during which he falsely believed the woman had been part of a drive-by shooting that targeted him.

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