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Queensland enjoys its first taste of freedom as restrictions ease

Queenslanders have packed the state’s parks, beaches and waterfront areas this morning as they enjoy their new-found freedom after lockdown restrictions relaxed today.

As of 12.01am this morning, people in Queensland are allowed to travel up to 50km from their homes for “recreational purposes”.

This means they can drive for non-essential reasons, have picnics, visit parks, shop for non-essential items, and ride motorbikes, jet skis and boats for fun.

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Some rules still apply — social distancing measures must be obeyed and people can’t stray more than 50km from their homes. Members of the same household can go out together and people who live alone can go out with one other person.

This weekend will also bring some eased restrictions for people in NSW, while Western Australia relaxed some restrictions earlier this week.

But as some of the first people in Australia to return to some sense of normalcy, people in Queensland are sure making the most of their sunny Saturday.

Queensland has recorded its fifth day of zero new coronavirus diagnoses on Friday, on the eve of lockdown restrictions being eased.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has asked all residents “to enjoy the relaxation, but continue to follow the rules”.

Meanwhile Health Minister Steven Miles warned large congregations of people were still not allowed.

“As long as it is within a 50km radius of your house and you continue to follow social distancing including only going out with your household or one other person,” Mr Miles said.

“We still don’t want to see people congregating in big groups that could cause a cluster of cases in two weeks’ time.

“We all have to continue to work together, so we can keep this virus at bay.”

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