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Perth man leads police on chase after running coronavirus checkpoint

A defiant grandfather who allegedly sped through a coronavirus checkpoint and led police on a chase said he “did nothing wrong” and said police will be replacing his popped tyres.

Perth man Stephen Hall, 83, is accused of failing to stop at a coronavirus checkpoint in Morangup Reserve, north east of Perth in Western Australia.

About 3pm on Monday Mr Hall who was driving his 4WD Jeep was signalled to pull over by police and Army Reserve officers. Police allege Mr Hall was told he was not free to travel through the checkpoint and at this point, he sped off, leading to a pursuit through the streets of Toodyay that continued for more than 90 minutes.

But in an interview with 9 News yesterday, Mr Hall dismissed the claims saying: “I did stop!”

“I gave him my licence, I gave him everything,” Mr Hall claimed, saying he’d explained to the officers he was travelling to Toodyay to visit a friend.

He then said he saw officers following him and thought: “Go man go. If I’m gonna get done, I’m gonna get done!”

He said the police followed him around the streets of Toodyay and at one point he was being pursued by four cars with lights on.

Mr Hall was eventually stopped on Lovers Lane in Toodyay when his car hit police stingers which popped all four of his Jeep’s tyres.

He said officers “didn’t even put the bracelets on me” when they realised his age.

He said the officer, “a young girl”, said to him “you’re joking” when she saw him, remarking on his age.

“I gave them a right run for their money. They’ve never had a run like that I don’t think.”

The grandfather insisted “I’ve done nothing wrong, but I put my foot down.”

The Jeep is now being held by police at Northam, according to 9 News. Mr Hall said he believed police will be paying for the replacement of his popped tyres.

Mr Hall is due to appear in court at a later date.

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