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Northern Territory is the best state complying with restrictions

Australians have entered week six of the coronavirus-imposed lockdown – and while the chance of restrictions easing nationwide increases, one state above the rest is doing the best job at complying with measures.

A survey by found an overwhelming 95 per cent of respondents in the Northern Territory claimed they are complying with lockdown restrictions – and it shows.

With the country’s lowest number of confirmed virus cases, the NT Government announced the winding back of restrictions at the end of last week.

“We are ahead of other parts of Australia and indeed, the world. Uncharted territory,” NT chief health officer Hugh Heggie said, urging residents to prove they were an example for the nation to follow.

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Tasmania, where no new virus cases have been recorded for the last four days, was the state with the second-highest number of residents – 90 per cent – claiming they were complying with lockdown restrictions.

Premier Peter Gutwein asked people not to grow complacent this morning, acknowledging the “very strict rules” still in place were causing a “level of frustration within the Tasmanian community”.

A total of 86 per cent of Western Australians said they were adhering to virus measures in their state, where Health Minister Roger Cook told reporters this morning it’s been three weeks since the last locally-acquired COVID-19 infection.

“It’s much longer than the incubation period of the COVID-19 crisis, so we can say that’s well and truly out of our system,” Mr Cook said.

“We have no sustained community-based transmission in WA.”

In South Australia, where there’ve been no new virus cases for 12 days, 83 per cent of respondents said they’d been complying with lockdown rules; while 79 per cent of Victorians are playing by the rules.

Only two states – Queensland, with 78 per cent, and New South Wales, with 76 per cent – fell below the national average of 79 per cent when confirming they’d been following virus guidelines in their state.

Our survey found that those who’ve been isolating for between five and seven weeks are more likely to be complying with lockdown restrictions; while Aussies who’ve isolated for less than one month or more than two are below the national average for following the rules.

Anyone who has isolated for upwards of seven weeks are more likely to have given compliance a try, but at the same time are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing restrictions.

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As for how we’re spending our time in isolation, those in the SA (76 per cent), ACT (75 per cent), Victoria and WA (both 74 per cent) are more likely than the national average (73 per cent) to still be working.

Meanwhile, residents in the ACT, NSW and WA are more likely than the average to be listening to podcasts, and in the NT, SA and WA, people are more likely to be learning new skills and languages.

Tasmanians tend to be eating and/or drinking more than other Australians – but, along with Victorians, Western Australians and Northern Territorians, are less likely to be cooking.

People in the ACT are leading the way in gardening, housework and renovations, and all states except for the NT and Victoria are more likely than the national average to be passing their time with exercise.’s survey closes on Wednesday, April 6. Have your say below.

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