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Footage shows moment Perth man stabbed ex-girlfriend in driveway

CCTV footage of the moment a Perth FIFO worker stabbed his teenage ex-girlfriend in the chest during a sickening domestic violence attack has stunned the nation.

The horrific incident, which occurred on March 24 this year, was caught on camera and took place after the 19-year-old called off her four-month relationship with Mark McLean, 32.

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The video, shared by Channel 9, shows the former couple walking down the girl’s driveway of her Balcatta home before McLean suddenly pulls a weapon out of his waistband and grabs her.

He reportedly told her “If I can’t have you, no-one can” before stabbing her in the chest and choking her, and throwing her to the ground before disappearing.

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The young woman staggers to her feet and calls for help, with a neighbour coming to her aid and using his shirt to staunch the bleeding before calling an ambulance.

As the neighbour speaks with emergency services, the teen staggers up the driveway and into the arms of a friend who is visibly shocked at the scene before him.

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McLean, who went on to post intimate images of the woman online, was sentenced to nine years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to a charge of “with intent unlawfully to kill, committed an act or omission likely to endanger human life” – but could be released after serving just seven.

McLean was allegedly under the influence of drugs at the time of the attack.

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