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Everything that’s happened in past 24 hours

There’s a lot of information to take in with the coronavirus pandemic, as the situation is rapidly changing.

Over the past 24 hours in Australia there have been some pretty significant developments, so let’s take you through what happened.

More than 3000 cases of COVID-19 have now been confirmed across Australia with 1405 in New South Wales, 574 in Victoria, 555 in Queensland, 255 in Western Australia, 257 in South Australia, 62 in the ACT, 47 in Tasmania and 12 in the Northern Territory.

Thirteen people have died – two in WA, seven in NSW, one in Queensland and three in Victoria.


Today Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced tough new quarantine measures for people arriving in Australia after midnight tomorrow.

Speaking after a National Cabinet meeting today, the PM said two third of cases in the country were from Australians who have come home.

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He said from tomorrow night people entering the country will be taken to a hotel or other accommodation where they will be made to isolate for two weeks before returning home.

“If their home is in South Australia or in Perth or in Tasmania and they have arrived in Melbourne, they will be quarantining in Melbourne,” Mr Morrison said.

“If it’s in Sydney, it will be if Sydney. If it’s Brisbane, and so on.”

Mr Morrison said it is the responsibility of law enforcement in each state to enforce these new rules.

“The ADF will be there to support those enforcement authorities. And so we will be turning out the Defence Forces to support compliance with these new arrangements,” he said.

“The ADF will be supporting those states and territories with compliance checks to ensure that people are at their residences, that they have so worn sworn they would be at, to ensure we get compliance with the self-isolation.”

The PM also announced a plan to “hibernate Australian business” during the coronavirus crisis, highlighting there is a “burden to share” on all Australians as the economy suffers.

The exact details of the hibernation plan haven’t been fleshed out, but it’s expected to include rental issues that have been bubbling away in the background of the crisis.

Mr Morrison described it as a “very innovative approach in the circumstances we find ourselves in”.

“We will have more to say about this, but I discussed it with the premiers and chief ministers today,” he said.


It is still unclear when stage three restrictions will be implemented and if they will be introduced on a national level.

At the moment it seems likely that Victoria and NSW may introduce harsher restrictions before the rest of the country.

Today Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the state would be moving to stage three restrictions at some point.

“As I said on Wednesday, there will be a stage three,” he said.

“We now all understand that the curves are different. What Queensland is facing, what New South Wales is facing, what Victoria is facing is fundamentally different to the Northern Territory and the appropriate response is to deal with the challenge you are facing not to pursue a national average.

“We are all fundamentally agreed on that point. Stage three will come.”

During his press conference today Mr Morrison explained why he resisted imposing further national restrictions as part of a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“I would caution against the way people talk about this word ‘lockdown’,’’ he said.

“I don’t want to give people – none of the (state) premiers do – that is going to be someplace we might get to.

“Where people can’t go out and get essential supplies, that they can’t get the things they need to actually live life for the next six months.’’

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