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Double killer caught out by roadside test

A convicted double killer from Victoria was stung by a roadside drug test while driving near his new home in southern Sydney.

Warren Alan Forbes, 47, was sentenced to a combined minimum of 15 years jail for the stabbing manslaughter of father Ross Kimball in January 2002 and shooting Andy Hullick in May the same year. Both killings took place in Albury, NSW.

He was on parole in Victoria at the time of the crimes and had numerous violent prior convictions, including eight armed robberies.

A NSW Supreme Court justice called Forbes a “recidivist offender” with almost no chance of rehabilitation when sentencing him to prison on two counts of manslaughter.

At Sutherland Local Court in Sydney’s south yesterday, he appeared for sentencing after admitting to driving with an illegal drug in his blood.

The facts show that he was driving in his black Mercedes by himself when he was pulled over by police during a routine stop.

He was headed south on Old Illawarra Road in southern Sydney’s Barden Ridge, his new home after being released from prison, at around 1.45am on August 18 last year.

He tested positive for methamphetamine in an oral fluid test and he was taken to Sutherland Police Station shortly after.

The court heard he works in construction, making $2000 a week and he has been suffering from a golden staph infection in his leg.

In 2015, the father of one of Forbes’ victims, Bruce Kimball, told the Geelong Advertiser that the double killer had never shown remorse for his crimes.

“(Court and corrections) orders mean nothing, he’ll do what he wants,” Mr Kimball said.

“Our family has been absolutely shafted by the system the whole way through.”

For driving with ice in his system, he was fined $700 and disqualified from driving for three months.

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