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Dad separated from baby in pram at coronavirus lockdown protest

A father who decided to take a double stroller to protest the government’s coronavirus restrictions was ripped away from his children yesterday by police.

Dramatic photos have shown a father being separated from his two infant children in a pram as he was arrested during anti-government protests in Melbourne yesterday.

The dad, who had face tattoos, was pushed up against a wall as police officers took charge of his two young children in a double pram.

The man had been protesting coronavirus social distancing restrictions, vaccination and 5G mobile technology as radical conspiracy theories gain public support, spurred by misinformation spread on social media.

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The man was arrested and loaded into a paddy wagon as his partner rushed to the children’s aid. He was later released from custody.

It’s not known what sparked the man’s dramatic arrest, however the Daily Mail reported large crowds of protesters booed police as the man was taken away. The man’s partner could be heard screaming at him not to resist as he was surrounded by officers.

“Honey please calm down,” she said as her partner was pinned by officers. “Don’t resist! Honey calm down please, I’ll get help.

“Babe, remember what I said to breathe, you haven’t done anything wrong.”

The woman was then told to stay with her children by officers as the man was taken into custody by officers. The pair were later seen reuniting after he was released.


Many of the protesters are anti-government, anti-big business conspiracy theorists.

The anti-coronavirus conspiracy theory is complex, and involves many disparate threads including the idea that the World Health Organisation, the Chinese government and Bill Gates are in cahoots to impose mandatory vaccines on the global population for mind control purposes.

Also, the protesters believe new 5G technology is involved, and may be weakening the population’s immune system, with coronavirus being used as a cover.

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Protesters held placards calling the coronavirus pandemic a “plan” for “global power”.

“The vaccine will kill millions more than COVID-19,” one placard read.

“Bill Gates vaccine model will control cellular communication via CO2 camp,” another said.

Many of the conspiracy theorists believe coronavirus is not real — or that it is real, but new 5G technology is making symptoms more severe.

The conspiracy theory does not account for numerous countries where coronavirus has infected the populations and there is no 5G technology — including Iran. Sweden also has no commercial 5G network and only a very small test network of 5G in Stockholm — but the country now has more than 26,000 cases of coronavirus.

Victoria Police said in a statement 10 people were arrested at the protest including two of the demonstrator’s organisers. Police used capsicum spray during the arrest of one of the individuals.

“The majority of those arrested were for failing to comply with the chief health officer’s directions,” the police statement read.

“Three of the offenders will also be charged with assaulting a police officer, and another offender will be charged with discharging a missile after allegedly throwing a bottle at police.

“All offenders were released pending summons.”

One officer was injured during the protest and was hospitalised with a rib injury.

Officers said once they began making arrests the crowds started to disperse.

Police said they were investigating who attended the protest and once identified they would be fined.

Victoria Police said in a statement it “respects the public’s right to protest”, however “the health and safety of every Victorian needs to be our number one priority at this time”.

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