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Coronavirus Australia live coverage: Chinese ventilators could kill

A large batch of ventilators bought from China can cause significant harm and death if used in hospitals, according to a report.

British doctors have warned that 250 ventilators purchased from China risk “significant patient harm, including death”, according a letter cited by NBC.

“We believe that if used, significant patient harm, including death, is likely,” British doctors reportedly said in a letter.

According to the report, the ventilators have “a problematic oxygen supply, could not be cleaned properly, had an unfamiliar design and a confusing instruction manual, and were built for use in ambulances, not hospitals”.

The report is highly embarrassing, given Cabinet Minister Michael Gove singled out China for praise when announcing the acquisition of the ventilators, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Elsewhere in Europe, Chinese supplied medical equipment, including testing kits and masks, have been sent back because they were faulty or not up to specification.

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