Australia coronavirus updates live: ‘We have to steel ourselves for the next six months’, PM says – latest | World news

My big fear, the thing that is keeping me up at night, is that the coronavirus wave is coming to the territory. I hope that securing our borders will be enough to stop it.

It will help, but it won’t be enough. It’s clear extreme action is needed to keep us safe. We know the coronavirus is already here.

We don’t have community spread, neither did anywhere else in Australia until they suddenly did.

In every part of the world, it all started with one case.

Please do not think the territory is immunity from the worst effects of the coronavirus. We are not. If this hits us hard, it will be devastating.

If you think these measures go too far, Google coronavirus and Italy and spend five minutes looking through the pictures and the videos, see the sick and dying lined up in hospital hallways and then think, “That could be mum. It could be dad. It could be my brother, my sister, my colleague, my mate.” It could be your son or your daughter. It could be you. It could be me.

Till now, he with are… We have been in the safest place inAustralia and I am going to keep it that way.

The states down south might be able to let the virus get out of control before acting but up here we do not have the luxury of waiting for it to get worse.

Our size is too small, our population too vulnerable, the risk too great, the cost too high. Maybe this hits home for me more than most.

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