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In terms of instructions I think it is pretty simple and I don’t know how many times I’ve said this: if you’re sick, stay at home.

If you’re in quarantine, you stay at home. If you’re in self-isolation, you stay at home. If you are a contact with someone with Covid-19, you stay at home.

If you have just come back from overseas in the last 14 days, you stay at home.

I don’t know how much clearer I can make it, seriously.

But in terms of what was discussed at national cabinet last night, it was really an agreed approach as to how that could be enforced. In several states that is enforced and I’ll leave it to the states themselves to say how much the fine is and how long you can be put in prison for this because it’s a state-based, state-by-state based approach.

But those rules are enforced. In Queensland, from the beginning of this matter, anyone who came back from a high risk country, when we had a small list of high risk countries, they were given a public health order, a piece of paper that said, “If you don’t do this” – and it said what you needed to do, essentially stay at home – “then there are laws that can be brought into place to enforce this.” Other states are now taking it seriously like that as well.

There may be further measures if people continue to ignore this, and I must say most people, the vast majority of people, are not ignoring it and they are taking that advice very seriously and that’s fantastic. That’s what we expect from all Australians.

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