Australia coronavirus live: Scott Morrison provides Covid-19 update as death toll rises to 89 – latest news | World news

Australia will of course continue to pursue what is a very reasonable and sensible course of action.

This is a virus that has taken more than 200,000 lives across the world.

It has shut down the global economy. The implications and impacts of this are extraordinary.

Now, it would seem entirely reasonable and sensible that the world would want to have an independent assessment of how this all occurred, so we can learn the lessons and prevent it from happening again.

I don’t think this is a remarkable suggestion.

I think it is a fairly obvious and commonsense suggestion, that I believe there will be support for at the right time, to ensure we do that.

We are a supporter and a funder of the World Health Organization.

We have supported particularly the work they do on the ground here, in our region, in south-east Asia, and the south-west Pacific.

But it is an organisation like any that can learn lessons from how this began, and the authorities they had to understand what was happening, and the transparency around those issues. Nothing extraordinary about that.

So what Australia is pursuing is not targeted. It is said independently, it is said out of common sense, and I think in Australia’s national interests, and in the global interest.

And so I find Australia’s position to be not remarkable at all, but one that is entirely responsible, and I am sure is broadly seen in that light around the world.

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