Australia coronavirus live: NT set to announce easing of restrictions as Virgin creditors meet – latest updates | World news

We want to look at new opportunities in the future to ease restrictions.

I have confidence everyone will respect what we put in place from tomorrow so we can all move forward together in a pleasing way.

That’s certainly my hope and my anticipation for the month of May.

As you know, three big changes in May.

Schools will be going back in a considerable way, obviously the restrictions on visiting others, and again on that point, can I stress, have conversations in your family, have conversations with your friends, if you’re visiting people who are vulnerable, if you’re visiting older people, you may choose not to visit based on your circumstances and theirs.

Please make sure you have those conversations.

And obviously, as we’ve been advising, as we can tell through the data we’re getting, a number of retail outlets previously closed have chosen to reopen or commence reopening.

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