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The government, when they say Jobseeker is available, there are two problems with that. The first is that it is not available for everybody. And for example, if you’re a worker who is not eligible, maybe because of visa status, maybe because of your age, then it’s not just whether or not we want that person to be paid. We actually don’t want that person doing anything other than isolating. And if they’re in a real world situation of I’ll lose all my money, I think we know what they’ll do.

And the people who are eligible for JobSeeker – I’m not sure that it passes the pub test where you can go down to Centrelink, register and wait for a long period, and eventually you’ll be reimbursed. If at the end point, people aren’t going to do that and think that they’ve only got a niggle in the throat and maybe they should go to work, it’s not simply a sick leave issue. It’s actually a public health issue.

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