Running a fledgling business in a time of coronavirus

Now all planning seems to be in flux and what may seem like a small thing, not being able to have a support crew in the birth suite or siblings visit a newborn, is causing many of my customer base anxiety.

All my messaging around preparing parents-to-be for the reality of change has been now amplified beyond my imaginings.

The feedback around this has been extraordinarily positive and that I am meeting a need for our clients.

This past week I started an Instagram live “virtual mother’s group” as I knew mother’s groups were being cancelled and my customers were crying out for ways to connect.

This week I’m going to assess what technology is best for this sort of interactive session.

That is a learning curve for me as I look to implement ideas sooner than I had planned.

My main focus is to say committed to the business, understanding sales may drop, but working out how else I can serve my community during this low time.

I’ve always shared information as an arm of our business without the intention of monetising this but perhaps now need to start coming up with some financial opportunities, but for right now I’m trying to see how to navigate this time of uncertainty.

I’ve always had service at the core of my business plan, but couldn’t imagine it would be forming like it is now.

On a day to day operational level, I have begun to research what opportunities my delivery partners will have to support my business – I pay fees to run The Suite set’s charity donations and e-commerce site.


I’ve taken this past weekend to reassess my business planning and my family’s financial situation.

I have already used saving to start the business up and I will need to tighten our family belt to make sure I can service our business needs.

Things are uncertain, but I believe anyone who goes into a startup, expects to be agile and lean and have testing times.

I am sure The Suite Set will not be the only new startup to have test our resilience in ways we had not imagined through coronavirus.

Sally Branson Dalwood is the founder of The Suite Set. Next week: Working with a charity partner

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