Bitcoin’s purported Australian creator says his fortune may remain locked

Wright is a controversial figure, with many in the cryptocurrency community believing he didn’t invent Bitcoin and doesn’t have any extensive holdings. Still, some investors have been concerned that a dump of the coins, supposedly locked in a complicated trust holding about $US6 billion, could affect the market.


“I do not intend to dump my family’s BTC as some people suspect or want, as this would hurt many people in the industry,” Wright said in the statement, referring to his Bitcoin fortune.

Reinhart found “clear and convincing evidence” that demonstrates the encrypted trust file doesn’t exist and that Wright’s testimony about it was “intentionally false,” Vel Freedman of Roche Freedman LLP, representing the Kleiman estate, said in an email.

The plaintiffs’ position has always been that Wright has access to the Bitcoin now and “no bonded courier” needs to arrive for him to get access, he added.

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