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Residents evacuated as fire threatens homes in Bundoora, Mill Park

Firefighting aircraft were deployed for the Plenty Gorge fire.

Ange Vlahopoulos, who lives in Clovemont Way across the road from the Plenty Gorge, watched as the under control fire suddenly sparked to life and started burning towards his home.

“The fire was way in the distance this morning. Then the wind just picked up and out of nowhere, the whole area over the road was on fire.

Fire from Plenty Gorge threatens home in Bundoora.

Fire from Plenty Gorge threatens home in Bundoora. Credit:Nine News

“Before you knew it, there was smoke everywhere and flames.”

He said the fire risk was “always in the back of his mind” during summer each year.

A watch and act has now been issued, with a bushfire travelling from Tantunda Wetlands in a southerly direction towards the Metropolitan Ring Road.

Residents in the area north of Worcester Crescent, Henderson Court, Greenfields Drive, Springfield Court, Ibis Court and Zara Close are likely to be impacted by this fire.

Spot fires and embers are starting fires up to one kilometre ahead and to the west of the main fire at Plenty Parklands, north of Clovemont Way.

Embers have also been reported in the Corowa Crescent Area.

Emergency services said that conditions could change and get worse very quickly, and they may not be able to help residents if they decided to stay.

The Metropolitan Ring Road is still open but VicRoads is advising motorists to drive carefully in the smoky conditions.

Drivers should keep their windows up, turn the air conditioning on to keep air flowing and to put headlights to help with visibility. Some local roads in Bundoora could be affected.

Police were knocking on doors in affected streets and the fire roared to life.

Mr Vlahopoulos said fire trucks are now parked out the front of his home and spraying the burnt grass stumble, but conditions remain “very windy, it’s sort of blowing around in every direction”.

“Because of the smoke, you can’t see further than two doors down,” he said. “I’m lucky there’s a fire hydrant in front of my home,” he said.

A helicopter from Plenty Gorge threatens homes in Bundoora and Mill Park.

A helicopter from Plenty Gorge threatens homes in Bundoora and Mill Park.Credit:Nine News

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