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Police appeal, CCTV released after Rocco Curra shot

Chilling footage has been released of gunmen opening fire on a man in his car in suburban Melbourne, as detectives look at whether he was lured to the attack.

Rocco Curra, 37, is lucky to be alive after being shot several times in the head and upper body while sitting in his parked car at Bulleen on August 1, police say.

“We’re also exploring whether the victim was deliberately lured to the area,” Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Justin Mercovich from Victoria Police’s gangland-busting Echo taskforce said.

“This is a quiet, suburban part of Melbourne on a Thursday night and isn’t the sort of place someone would necessarily go unless they had a specific reason to be there,” Sgt Mercovich said.

“Rocco is very lucky to still be alive and, given the indiscriminate way the offenders are shooting at his car, we’re also lucky that other people weren’t inadvertently injured or killed.”

CCTV of the attack and a digital image of a man police want to speak to have been released, with authorities hoping someone will come forward with information.

The gunmen pulled up on Bourke St in a dark-coloured, stolen 2017 BMW hatchback before opening fire.

A getaway driver was waiting in the car to help the shooters flee the scene.

“There are some connections to a number of organised crime groups, so this is certainly an avenue of inquiry for us,” Sgt Mercovich said.

The stolen 2017 BMW hatchback was located burnt out in nearby Hodgson St, Templestowe a short time later.

The man police are looking for is described as Middle Eastern in appearance with short dark hair and a full beard.

Sgt Mercovich said investigators were hopeful that someone in the community would recognise the men shown in the CCTV and come forward.

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