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Queensland woman with virus said she had no symptoms

A Queensland woman diagnosed with coronavirus says she didn’t have the common symptoms for the first two days and now worries she has infected others.

Alisha Love flew back to her home on the Gold Coast last week after travelling to the US, and she had no idea she’d picked up the virus during her travels.

“My experience was: I had nothing respiratory, I had no coughing, no difficulty breathing, but it just felt like a combination of heatstroke and the worst winter flu I’ve had,” Ms Love told Weekend Sunrise.

She arrived home just before the Federal Government announced its self-isolation policy for all overseas travellers, and now she’s worried she gave others the virus.

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Ms Love suspects she picked up COVID-19 on the flight home.

Two days after returning to Australia, she started feeling unwell.

Ms Love admitted she only went to the GP because her mum was panicking.

“I wanted to get tested just for her sake,” she said. “(I was) feeling like I was getting the flu … I thought I just had jet lag,” she said.

Later that night she began to feel symptoms.

The next morning, with her condition worsening, Ms Love called her GP again, a little more concerned at this point.

“He said because of how rapidly my virus was progressing that I should call an ambulance and be under quarantine in the hospital,” she said.

“But because the results hadn’t come back yet confirming that I had it, they said, ‘you’re fine, you need to go home and get someone to pick you up’.”

Ms Love sat among other members of the public in the emergency waiting room before being picked up by her sister.

They are both now in self-isolation.

After being quarantined and now on the road to recovery, Ms Love has a warning for others about social distancing.

“I totally understand, I would love just to walk around the block with my dog,” she said.

“But the fact of the matter is just because it wasn’t life-threatening for me, (that) doesn’t mean it won’t be for someone else and I would hate to be responsible for someone to be having worse symptoms or even dying just because I wanted to walk around the block or go to the beach.

“We need to be smarter.”

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